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Д-р Светлана Гоцева
Кабинет по кожни и венерически болести и естетична дерматология

In 1992 Dr. Gotseva acquired a medical degree (MD) from the Medical University of Sofia and worked for the next 4 years at the Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology, Alexandrovska Hospital. In 1999 she acquired a degree in Dermatology and Venereology. Since 1999 she works as a specialist in dermatology and venereology in a private clinic in Sofia.


Her interests lie in the areas of aesthetic dermatology and dermoscopy. Dr. Gotseva has attended multiple certified aesthetic dermatology courses in mesotherapy, application of botulinum toxin (botox) and hyaluronic acid injections for treating wrinkles and general skin rejuvenation. She is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists (BAAD).


She has participated in professional congresses and forums at national and international level in the areas of dermatology and aesthetic medicine such as the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV). She is a member of EADV, IUSTI (International Union against Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and the International Dermoscopy Society.

BellaSkin is a specialized center for treating skin and related sexually transmitted diseases and conditions as well as skin rejuvenation procedures

  • Dermatology consultations

  • STI diseases

  • Dermoscopy

  • Electrocoagulation

  • Cryotherapy

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